The Flawless Way to Open a Business

The Flawless Way to Open a Business

So you’re just starting a new business. Congratulations! It’s probably safe to assume that you’ve hired a staff, created a website and sent out word that the enterprise is now open for business. So now what?
Although it might seem easy to sit back, relax and let customers come to you, resist the urge to be passive. There’s still plenty of tasks that will keep you busy during the first days, weeks and months of your new venture. Here are a few suggestions that you won’t want to overlook:

1. Make sure employees are properly dressed. If there’s a uniform, be sure that each new hire is equipped with the correct wardrobe. Running a business is a team effort, and one of the first ways to create unity is by having staffers dress in a similar fashion.
If your new venture doesn’t require a uniform, be sure that employees understand the dress code. Is it business casual or something more formal? This may seem obvious, but set the tone in choosing your attir…

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